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Facebook uses Segoe UI for the Windows version of their desktop website, and the Apple-made San Francisco font for the mac OS version.

It used to be Lucida Grande, but in recent years Facebook have tried to use default system fonts, which is why they use Roboto on Android and, again, San Francisco on i OS.

If you are using a service that allows the manual download of a font, try downloading and installing it manually after removing it through the Sky Fonts app.

If the problem continues, try using the font in a different program.

Roboto and the colors used in various Google apps encompasses what Google calls the Material Design language.

Fun fact: while Pinterest uses roughly the same fonts that are standard with other social networks, Pinterest uses the Hiragino font for Japanese and other oriental languages, which reads better in comparison to the fonts used with Roman languages.

It has its own unique style expressed through softened geometric forms that are light and elegant.

Plus check out that lowercase ‘g’ – that’s a piece of design all it’s own. Once you’ve downloaded and incorporated one of these free fonts into your design work, don’t forget to show the designer some love.

In fact, the only case-scenario where I don’t think they use the Roboto font is Google.com!Send your appreciation via a follow, a shout-out, or a tweet, or you could even send them a copy of your final work to see how their font has contributed.Rebecca is a freelance writer, researcher, and design historian.The sans serif font is big on lines and outlines and has a slightly hand-drawn feeling. might be a little bit retro but it still has a modern look and contemporary appeal.

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is inspired by the IBM Harvard – Mark 1, an electro-mechanical computer that reads its instructions from a 24-channel punched paper tape. Its geometric curves and condensed form are best read at a large size making it an impactful choice for headlines and titles. Their mission was to make a legible, clean-cut typeface following two pre-determined rules: the top left and bottom right must have rounded edges, and the top right and bottom left must have hard edges. ’s Glober is inspired by classic grotesque typefaces.

She has a Masters in the History of Decorative Arts and Design from Parsons The New School for Design, New York, and studies cultural history through the lens of architecture, design, and decorative arts.

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