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27-Aug-2017 00:03

masterpass: I tried your logic but it still fails to hide the button.

if not then you must check your code somewhere it is overwriting the state of btndelete during roundtrip or postback so you are not looping and have one control on your page Content Place Holder1 and here you have one button... lection' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?

I have an html button that I want to hide or display when certain condition is met. Remov I changed the code as suggested by Hain Kurt (see code section). I also made sure that the methois runs regardless of post back or not. change the width height values so you can see on page btn Delete. Value = "height:444px;width:51px;d The button is always shown/visible on the page regardless of the value of bln Is My Port Folio. In the other case when the bln Is My Port Folio is false, the code goes to the if code block and even sets the btn Delete. skaleem1 first of all debug your code and check if it is passes the btndelete.visible=true/false.

However, the following line of code in the code behind is completely ignored and the button is still displayed. I debugged and made sure that the values for btn Delete. I debugged and found out that it correctly goes to the if-else block depending upon the bln Is My Port Folio value. if it will give u exception at this moment then it is problem with your current html button access . are you dynamically creating and adding to your page? this code is not enough to see the whole picture...

Let me check and test that in more detail and I will get back to you tommorrow.

For a web application that allows multiple users to edit data, there is the risk that two users may be editing the same data at the same time.

For web applications that allow multiple users to update or delete data, however, there's the potential for one user's modifications to clash with another concurrent user's.