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She dates Lucas but in the altered timeline, they broke up when Lucas moved to Geneva, and she was showing interest in Zane until he started dating Jo again.

She is also a bit more mature and responsible after her time at Harvard.

In the series finale, she is about to graduate summa cum laude from Harvard.

is a Department of Defense agent who acts as the liaison between Eureka and the Federal Government, and later becomes the director of Global Dynamics.

Despite being a man of average intelligence in a town full of geniuses, Jack's admittedly simplistic ideas and ability to make intuitive connections between seemingly disparate events often save the day.

(This is in contrast to the other residents of Eureka, who, being stereotypical scientists, tend to over-complicate things and get lost in minutiae).

Look at all of you; you know, you're not out in the field!

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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Outside of hunting down the new artifacts, there is always a dilemma cooking up back at the warehouse where one of the miscellaneous items is being experimented on, stupidly misused or otherwise going haywire. To equate judgement and wisdom with occupation is at best ...