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Tyrion makes observations and if he is correct the person has to drink.He guesses correctly that Bronn has been beyond the Wall and killed someone before he was twelve years old (though it was a woman, not a man, and he killed her in self-defense, because she was coming at him with an axe).Shae points out that Tyrion was foolish to believe a woman would sleep with him just hours after almost being raped.As she gets romantic with Tyrion, Bronn leaves the tent.Robb agrees, though noting that Arya won't like it. He orders Tyrion to lead them from the front of the vanguard.Tyrion angrily accuses his father of trying to kill him.Later that night she had sex with Tyrion, the first time he was ever with a woman.Tyrion fell madly in love, and bribed a drunken septon to marry them in secret.

In reality, he waited to see which side was winning before deciding whether to get involved.He storms back to his tent to find that Bronn has found him, as per instruction, a whore named Shae. When told they go into battle in the vanguard in the morning, Bronn goes off to find a whore for himself.Tyrion, Bronn, and Shae play a drinking game the night before the battle.To enter the castle would be perilous for Robb, so Catelyn Stark enters to negotiate their crossing the river.

Though held by House Frey, bannermen to Catelyn Stark's father, Lord Walder Frey has not yet taken up arms.

Tyrion acquires a mistress and is forced by his father to fight on the front lines.