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In the Sigalovada Sutta, the Buddha gives good advice on how to maintain peace and harmony in the home between husband and wife in order to achieve a happy married life.

Parental responsibilities for children and the children's duties toward parents are also clearly mentioned in the Sutta as useful guidelines for the attainment of a happy home. Author stresses the important point that marriage is a partnership of two individuals and that this partnership is enriched and enhanced when it allows the personalities involved to grow.

Under the protection of our parents, we pass our days in a perpetual round of enjoyment which undoubtedly gives us pleasure.

As we enter adolescence, changes take place in the mind and physical body causing us to become aware of the existence of the opposite sex and we begin to experience a new kind of attraction giving rise to disturbing emotions.

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Among human beings, the institution of marriage has come about so that society guarantees the perpetuation of the human species and also ensures that the young would be cared for.Very often, we consider childhood days to be a period of happiness.In reality, as children we do not understand what happiness is.Buddhism does not regard marriage as a religious duty nor as a sacrament that is ordained in heaven.

A cynic has said that while some people believe that marriage is planned in heaven, others say that it is recorded in hell also!

In the Buddhist perspective, marriage means understanding and respecting each other's beliefs and privacy.

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