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22-Dec-2017 20:13

I agreed to her & we got up & started moving towrds the gate. Since it was jam packed i moved behind her with no space between us. My dick became hard on feel of her smooth & soft ass. I mooved my hands many times on her shapely ass & being crowded she didnt bother & didntknew what was happening & she was getting pushed from all sides.I became bold in my efforts & cupped her buttocks & kept pushing her.The scene was very erotic but it also made me angry.I saw them disappearing in the crowd laughing which made me more annoyed but i could not do anything.

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Suffering from what is expected to be a severe case of food poisoning, the trio are lying in hospital in an unresponsive state.In few stations passing by the train got jammed packed & i thought it will be difficult to get down at our stop. The evening scene was still on my mind & i was thinking when will i get such chance. As we were getting jerks, i also thought why not try my luck. She didnt respond so i moved more closed & kept my hand on her thigh.Iwas pushed close to my bhabhi as seats became full. I knew she would be shocked but i closed my eyes & pretended i was asleep. Due to trains movement i moved my hands slowly up & down her thighs so she might think it is due to trains movement. I, rejavik,will narate you my real life experience which happened today with my bhabhi sneha. She is 5 ft 4, slim & trim, nice shapely boobs & very attractive ass. When my brother was married to her i was not attracted to her but after giving birth to baby gal, she put on some weight & became sexy, most of weight was accumalated on boobs & ass.

She use to wear transperent salwar kammez exposing her bra through it.

I use to capture her snaps of her cleavage & ass without her knowledge & use to masturbate on seeing them. She had to go to shoping market which is near our office & very crowded place. Being evening time the streets are very busy & there is hardly any space to walk through but still people manage to push out. I noticed 2 young muslim guyz walking on her either side trying to get close to her. I noticed them trying to take advantage of crowd, they were trying to squeeze in her.

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