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The Tunny machine was manufactured by the German Lorenz company.The first model bore the designation SZ40, ‘SZ’ standing for ‘Schlüsselzusatz’ (‘cipher attachment’).From 1941 Hitler and the German High Command relied increasingly on Tunny to protect their communications with Army Group commanders across Europe.Tunny messages sent by radio were first intercepted by the British in June 1941.Introduction Colossus, the first large-scale electronic computer, was used against the German system of teleprinter encryption known at Bletchley Park as ‘Tunny’.Technologically more sophisticated than Enigma, Tunny carried the highest grade of intelligence.

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In July 1944, the Königsberg exchange closed and a new hub was established for the Eastern links at Golssen, about 20 miles from the Wehrmacht’s underground command headquarters south of Berlin.The other carried the teleprinter equipment and two Tunny machines, one for sending and one for receiving.

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