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Embrace the EGA and see your life open up to new partners and new possibilities.

I began in the helping profession during the mid-1990’s.

With all the EGs in the book, I couldn't help but picture the author in a world of monograms: cars, cardigans, towels.

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He's Just Not That Into You, Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady, etc. To me, the book felt like a long ramble of disjointed advice, but I did glean some common threads throughout. (All of my college friends who are married possess real jobs (doctor, lawyer, dietitian) and their husbands do as well.) And it is this point, repeated again and again that I had trouble with. Does he not realize that an unmarried woman is more likely to buy a home than an unmarried man?

Apparently, women are deluded into thinking that men will sweep them off their feet. On page 57, it states, "Since our cave dwelling days, we have seen men as power holders, and women have been accepting this dynamic based on biblical and societal norms that are just recently changing." This is the most asinine statement. That doesn't sound like a culture where women view men as power holders. EGA is plugged throughout the book and I'm not sure if it's meant to be funny, but it feels eerily egomaniacal.

I bought a copy of this book after being drawn to both the cover and title.

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Despite being a self confessed Disney hater, I know that I have been guilty of wanting epic movie-like happy endings, and have often been disappointed. Ethan Gregory’s lighthearted and realistic approach. I found the book humorous and packed with cheeky nudges and winks. His self-help book for men ‘I am sorry you are not a pick up artist’ equally debunks male perceptions of relationships and dating.

I received a free copy (actually two copies) of this book for an honest review.