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01-Nov-2017 01:27

We have no idea if Trump can deliver on those promises, but we can explore what it’s going to take for him to try. Here’s how bad things had become for the chronically broken public school system in Erie, Pennsylvania: Earlier this year, Superintendent Jay Badams floated a proposal to close the city’s high schools — all four of them — and pay tuition to send kids to better-funded schools in the surrounding county.The pushback, Badams said, was intense.“One of the ones that sticks with me is that, ‘We hope you solve your financial problems.This means that when a new shopping mall or office park opens, the host municipality wins and all of its neighbors lose.Increasing the number of municipalities served by a school district would go a long way toward reducing inter-municipal competition for taxable commercial property (the “ratables chase”).

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Freeholder Director Rob Walton looked at 18 other counties nationwide with populations and land areas similar to Hunterdon’s and found that those with countywide school systems tended to spend less on public education than the ones with multiple school districts.Reducing inter-municipal competition would also pay dividends in the housing market.

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