Assbackwards online dating rules for successful dating

02-Jun-2017 04:10

She’ll be shady and two-faced so that she can conceal these problems at the start of the relationship, and once the man finds out, the relationship he is in is more of a dire situation than he ever anticipated.

Then there are men who have no pride, no standards and no shame, so they will date and screw anything with a pulse.

One’s sanity and physical well-being are under attack in this maelstrom of fecal matter.

Good American women do exist, but they are the exception, not the norm.

Perilous paths toward disappointment, frustration, heartache, loneliness and squashed dreams are common.

Finger-pointing abounds and fittingly, problems are never solved.

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while searching for work in a competitive job market, put himself on the line daily at that job he worked so hard to get, and when he’s not working, he gets to spend his personal life and free time in “the unemployment line,” competing with other men for the golden fleece.Disturbingly, I have seen more of this over the years.I see seemingly normal men with hideous and obese girlfriends and I think to myself, “What could he possibly see in her?Even in the rare case that an attractive American woman without baggage is single, strange as that may seem, she is not single for long.

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Hence, the window of opportunity is very small for merely approaching her and asking her for a phone number.

There is simply too much competition in the American dating scene.